India to UK in 90 Days – France Chapter – One Last Day in French Alps

Today we spend our last day in French Alps before we head towards French Rivera.As i…


India to UK in 90 Days – France Chapter – Into The French Alps

The other night i camped at this camping site located not so far from the main road.Had a pretty good…


India to UK in 90 Days – Italy Chapter – Into The Alps

It was a cold night and i realized that this is just the beginning.While i was planning for the trip,one…


India to UK in 90 Days – Circling Around Mont Blanc – Chamonix

Lai da Marmorera reservoir ahead of Julier pass. This is Switzerland to you,unreal landscapes.What you see here is Tinizong-Rona town…


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INDIA TO UK IN 90 DAYS – Scotland Chapter – Edinburgh

I By:   I 3 weeks ago I   0 COMMENTS I   Scotland I   , , , , , , , , , s i was in UK,i was back on the left side of the road which is same driving/riding pattern back in India.People here are fun and friendly too,it feels good that every now and then unknown people come and say hi,hello and other things to you.Europe is different in that way,people will look at you from a distance and take their time to come and say Hello,may be due to language gaps.I have been thoroughly enjoying my time on highways in England,best part was NO TOLL charges for motorcycles :) Unlike Europe people don't wave their hand to the bikers on the other side,instead they do a neck-breaker on the left side,that move got me smiling every time i see it.It's a common dance step you would see in the Bollywood movies in India.  Yay !!!..We ar... READ MORE