India to UK in 90 Days – France Chapter – One Last Day in French Alps

Today we spend our last day in French Alps before we head towards French Rivera.As i…


India to UK in 90 Days – France Chapter – Into The French Alps

The other night i camped at this camping site located not so far from the main road.Had a pretty good…


India to UK in 90 Days – Italy Chapter – Into The Alps

It was a cold night and i realized that this is just the beginning.While i was planning for the trip,one…


India to UK in 90 Days – Circling Around Mont Blanc – Chamonix

Lai da Marmorera reservoir ahead of Julier pass. This is Switzerland to you,unreal landscapes.What you see here is Tinizong-Rona town…


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INDIA TO UK IN 90 DAYS – England Chapter – Snake & Kirkstone Pass

I By:   I 3 weeks ago I   0 COMMENTS I   England I   , , , , , , , , With few beers down i had a sound sleep.Announcement in cruise to reach at the parking level woke me up and we had zero time to freshen up,i guess it had to wait until the nearest Petrol bunk :) It took some time for me in immigration while other motorcyclists zoomed away quickly by flashing their ID's.Most of the blokes were from Europe,figured that out from the number plates.Of all countries i had visited so far,UK immigration were most concerned if i am going to stay here illegally and the immigration officers looked absolutely certain that i am going to  I don't blame them,we Indians have a bad reputation about it.  READ MORE