While my stay of 2 days in Ghent i minutely planned my ride for next couple of days in Belgium and Netherlands. I also booked a ferry from Amsterdam to Newcastle to avoid any last minute challenges.

Antwerp Cathedral – Any visit to Antwerp should start with a visit of the Cathedral of Our Lady.It raises the bar to a level that everything seems so average,but that’s specific to antwerp 🙂
As i read about it,it doesn’t surprises me that it took 169 years to complete and they say it dominated the skyline with a height of 123 metres when it got completed in 1521.

How do you know you are in Belgium and walking around in said country? The romantic, gracious and glorious architecture of buildings like the city hall and guild houses.


It was a wrap up in Antwerp and i decided to reach early in Brussels.I booked the cheapest hostel i can find with free parking.As i arrived in Brussels,all the navigation devices i have been using died on me.But the city center signs were helpful enough to take me towards the hostel i booked.But i couldn’t remember the exact street address,stopping on the streets and asking everyone with the hostel name wasn’t an option as well.This is valid and useful only in India :D
My option was to to find a burger joint where i could charge my mobile for a bit to reach the hostel.As i was circling around,i found this church and decided to take a break.

St Michael and St Gudula Cathedral

As i returned to the parking lot,i met a gentleman on a cycle who looked intrigued by Indian number plate and stickers on the box.We spoke for a while where the conversation was mostly focused on why we do it,whats the purpose of doing all this and how we overcome the challenges before we embark on the trip while we are on it.Conversation went pretty deep,even though i didn’t asked for it :D.
I told him that my GPS devices are out of juice and i need a joint to fire them up,he literally navigated me to a nearby mc donald. I thanked him and requested him to join me for a burger,but he politely refused as his wife was cooking dinner at home.He totally avoided the beating which was about to come if he would have joined me for a burger :D

With half n hour on the store,my mobile was back to life and i navigated to the hostel as fast as i can.I marked few beer stores while i was on the way to hostel,after finishing the rituals at hostel i came back to the beer shop.I bought few bottles with different different varieties with good alcohol content and arrived at the counter,as i pay for them…attendant had only one thing to say “Go Easy On Belgian Beer,They are precious don’t throw up in pot”.We laughed and moved on to what we were supposed to be doing 🙂

Next morning i went to the only place i wanted to see in Brussels – Atomium.




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