India to UK in 90 Days – France Chapter – One Last Day in French Alps

Today we spend our last day in French Alps before we head towards French Rivera.As i…


India to UK in 90 Days – France Chapter – Into The French Alps

The other night i camped at this camping site located not so far from the main road.Had a pretty good…


India to UK in 90 Days – Italy Chapter – Into The Alps

It was a cold night and i realized that this is just the beginning.While i was planning for the trip,one…


India to UK in 90 Days – Circling Around Mont Blanc – Chamonix

Lai da Marmorera reservoir ahead of Julier pass. This is Switzerland to you,unreal landscapes.What you see here is Tinizong-Rona town…


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RoadMap – EuroTrip 2015

I By:   I 2 years ago I   8 Comments I   Europe, Finland I have been quite lucky this year to ride around some of the countries in Europe and experience the beauty of architecture,people and natural landscapes.Here is a quick road-map of my journey.Most of this was done on weekends.I used to leave my bike at the Long Term Airport parking and fly back to Helsinki to work for the rest of the week.Used my 3 days leave to visit Tranfagarsan and back.7 days vacation was combined with two weekends,It was used at the last leg of the roadtrip and visit Austria,Bit of Germany,Bit of Italy,Switzerland and return leg via France,Luxembourg,Belgium,Germany,Denmark and Sweden. Finances - Been riding around and spending most of my money in Alcohol,I had savings of Zero rupees for this trip.But i took a loan of 8600 Euros from IBM as initial settlement in Finland.Used this money for flights,fuel,food and accommodation.Now groun... READ MORE

Northernmost Point of Europe – Nordkapp – Chapter 1

I By:   I 3 years ago I   3 Comments I   Europe, Finland, Norway I   , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Second round to Finland and i was eagerly waiting to get my hands on a new bike.After spending much time in office looking for motorcycles in Nettimoto rather than working,i finally managed to select two bikes which came under my budget.On one auspicious weekday i gathered courage to go to Sippo at Aarbike and picked up Honda CB500 2001 model for 2500 Euro.The only thing which was remaining was the valid insurance document.Had to wait another week to get the insurance document from IF. Nordkapp was 1500 Km one side and doing it on weekend was a impossible task.So i planned to carry my bike till Oulu in VR train.It costed me a bomb but i desperately wanted this road trip to happen.So i booked the Car package from Helsinki to Oulu for 230 Euro.We reached Oulu on Saturday morning and then it all began..another exciting road trip of lifetime.Here is the rou... READ MORE

Hameenlinna Castle – Photolog

I By:   I 3 years ago I   0 COMMENTS I   Europe, Finland I   , , , Hameenlinaa is 100 kms away and very easily accessible from Helsinki through the fast Motorway E12.I went to Hameenlinna during one of the weekend for a short spin.Here are some memories captured by me :) Entry fees to the castle is 8 Euro for Adults :) Häme Castle is one of Finland's medieval royal castles. It is believed to have been built at the end of the 13th century, following the crusade by Swedish Earl Birger to Hame region. READ MORE

Castle Run to Savonlinna – Day 2

I By:   I 3 years ago I   0 COMMENTS I   Europe, Finland I   , , , , , , , , Savonlinna was around 25 kms from where i was staying,there was no point in starting early because the Castle opens at 10 AM during summer and it opens at 11 AM during the Winter season.I was ready to leave at 07 AM and i still had to waste around 3 hours.I took it as easy i can to reach Savonlinna. In a matter of half an hour,i was at the parking lot of Savonlinna.Now..all i had to do was to wait until 10 AM.I went around for a walk and couldn't resist myself for a selfie with such a beautiful background.   READ MORE

Castle Run to Savonlinna – Day 1

I By:   I 3 years ago I   0 COMMENTS I   Europe, Finland I   , , , , , , , I was waiting to visit this part of Finland,But I had to cancel my earlier plans to visit here because there was festival going ON and it would been very crowded and expensive to stay around for the night.Plans were set and on one fine weekend i left on my much awaited quest to visit the last Castle in my checklist of Castles in Finland. It would have been pretty boring to go straight to Savonlinna and back to Helsinki,to make things interesting i searched some internal roads through best biking roads website.As a result i ended up riding around some very beautiful landscapes. READ MORE

Raseborg Castle and Southernmost Tip of Finland – Hanko – PART 2

I By:   I 4 years ago I   0 COMMENTS I   Europe, Finland I   , , , , , , , , Hanko was just 50 kms more.I reached there in an hour.Blame it on lame speed limits with speed cameras   The Hanko city is located is the southernmost tip of continental Finland.Apart from the Finish peoples..this place is home to many Swedish speaking people as well.It was so amazing to know that Hanko has a coastline of approximately 130 km of which 30 km are sandy beaches. But only few of them can be used for having a good time as some of the beaches has some kind of allergic algae.There are also over 90 small islands and islets within the city limits. Hanko has a long history of wars and battles. The Battle of Gangut be... READ MORE

Raseborg Castle and Southernmost Tip of Finland – Hanko – PART 1

I By:   I 4 years ago I   0 COMMENTS I   Europe, Finland I   , , , , , , , , Last to last weekend i planned to ride to Savonlinna,but i cancelled the ride at last moment because my colleague advised me to go on some another weekend.There was Opera festival going on at Savonlinna that would have been very crowded and expensive. So the last minute cancellation led me to do nothing on Saturday and just indulge in the sweet flavor of Koskenkorva (Vodka - 40 % Alko).But eventually i planned something for next day while i got very drunk  Plan was simple and output was to be as lazy i can be.Ride with ease,sit around and take my own time.So to honor these feelings and plan, i started from home around 10:30 AM on Sunday. I checked at bestb... READ MORE

Weekend Ride to Turku and Camping in Hameenlinna – Finland – PART 2

I By:   I 4 years ago I   2 Comments I   Europe, Finland I   , , , , I was back on E18,the express highway which connects from Helsinki to Turku.Turku as a town was settled during the 13th century and founded most likely at the end of the 13th century, making it the oldest city in Finland. It quickly became the most important city in Finland, a status it retained for hundreds of years. After Finland became part of the Russian Empire (1809), and the capital of the Grand Duchy of Finland was moved to Helsinki (1812), Turku continued to be the most populous city in Finland until the end of the 1840s, and remains a regional capital and an important business and cultural centre. Apart from the beautiful old building in the town area there was a beautiful Castle.I headed straight to the castle  READ MORE

Weekend Ride to Turku and Camping in Hameenlinna – Finland – PART 1

I By:   I 4 years ago I   1 Comment I   Europe, Finland I   , , , , , , , After much struggle on the financial part i finally managed to buy a motorbike.Though i will only be able to ride it for next few months until Winter strikes in November.But i think two months will be enough for exploring the magical beauty of Finland in weekends .Last weekend i went to Turku - the former capital of Finland.Roads connecting to the major cities are very good and have four lanes with a speed limit of 120 Km/hr.Cost of petrol is little bit on the higher side.One litre of petrol costs around 1.65 Euro and it differs based on where petrol pump is city or highway or small towns etc.. I bought a Kawasaki ER-5,1999 model for 2100 Euros which includes insurance.Bei... READ MORE

A Tourist in Helsinki and Quick visit to Sea fortress – Suomenlinna

I By:   I 4 years ago I   1 Comment I   Europe, Finland I   , , , , , , , , , , Plan to move Helsinki was getting materialized from last couple of months and i finally moved here in Helsinki last week.Took out some time yesterday to explore the city center area and nearby sea fortress called a Suomenllina. Transportation by Public convenience is pretty costly here,forget about hiring a taxi.If you want to travel within Helsinki zone you have to pay 3 Euros and you can board any tram and bus in the Helsinki zone for next 1 hour.If you buy the same ticket through mobile it costs 2.40 euro,money is deducted from your prepaid/post paid balance.And if you buy the ticket from a ticket machine it costs around 2.20 Euro.But the ticket machines are very rare and are placed at limited spots.Tickets can be bought directly from Tram or Bus driver. Now if you have to travel in other zone like Vantaa and Espoo from Helsinki..You have to pay 5 Eu... READ MORE