India to UK in 90 Days – France Chapter – One Last Day in French Alps

Today we spend our last day in French Alps before we head towards French Rivera.As i…


India to UK in 90 Days – France Chapter – Into The French Alps

The other night i camped at this camping site located not so far from the main road.Had a pretty good…


India to UK in 90 Days – Italy Chapter – Into The Alps

It was a cold night and i realized that this is just the beginning.While i was planning for the trip,one…


India to UK in 90 Days – Circling Around Mont Blanc – Chamonix

Lai da Marmorera reservoir ahead of Julier pass. This is Switzerland to you,unreal landscapes.What you see here is Tinizong-Rona town…


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India to UK in 90 Days – Croatia Chapter – Plitvice Lakes National Park

I By:   I 7 months ago I   0 COMMENTS I   Bosnia And Herzegovina, Croatia I   , , , , , , The other night i searched some mechanic shops,who can help me out with the low battery situation.Next morning i called them with the help of hostel owner due to language problem,however it wasn't much helpful as they refused to work on KTM.This was a new thing to me,mechanics being specific about working on specific brands of motorcycles.Now i know,why most of the people hang around with Honda,Yamaha,Kawasaki or a BMW instead.Being Saturday most of the motorcycle mechanic shops were closed or about to be closed after half day.I decided to get the battery charged at one of the shops who agreed to charge it as long as they are open.But they clearly specified that this has to be onn my own risk and without actually diagnosing the actual issue.Fair enough for me to keep moving until weekend is over. READ MORE

India to UK in 90 Days – Bosnia And Herzegovina – Trails To Mt Plocno

I By:   I 7 months ago I   0 COMMENTS I   Bosnia And Herzegovina I   , , , , , , , , , I looked up on Dangerous roads website for some trail suggestions and Mount Plocno popped up as a good choice on my way to Sarajevo.I booked hostel LIKE in Sarajevo for the night.I checked in google maps and the road was straight forward,not to mention there was a trail ahead of Mt Plocno going towards Sarajevo.Was pretty excited as it has been quite long i haven't been on any trail lately.Though i was slightly concerend and afraid about the Low Battery warning popping up every now and then,also the box set up i had was slightly delicate and slightly tougher trail could break the frame or at-least the welding joints can give up anytime.But,As a wise men said "What you are afraid to do is a clear indication of the next thing you need to do" :) Moments where i was unable to decide,to take right or to take left.I took right anyway as the mobile GPS went bonke... READ MORE